About Me

Ori De Corti

My Philosophy: Balanced Beauty for Enduring Spaces

For over 30 years, I’ve envisioned living spaces that are more than just functional – they are ordered, inviting, artful, and built to last.  I believe the most beautiful, balanced, and cohesive environments emerge when architecture and interior design are integrated from the very beginning.

This philosophy fuels my passion for crafting contemporary havens that cater to balanced living.  My designs go beyond aesthetics; they’re spaces to live, work, gather, explore, and play.  Each one is uniquely personal, and meticulously planned with a focus on profound detail, functional beauty, and effortless use of space.

My inspiration stems from the pioneering women of architecture who shattered boundaries, including icons like Charlotte Perriand, Eileen Gray, and Zaha Hadid.  Their passion and influence resonate in every project I undertake.


To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.
– Giorgio Armani


The O/D/C/D Design House

O/D/C/D is built on three core pillars:

Where collaboration meets craftsmanship. Together, these pillars ensure that your space reflects not just trends, but your unique story and the way you live.  Let’s create a haven that inspires you every day.