Transforming Inspired Visions into Contemporary Environments

ODCD Interiors is a full service interior architecture and interior design house passionate about harnessing the unique vision of the individual to bring structural form to contemporary spaces. Local knowledge meets international design to create a blend of modern aesthetic through collaboration, craftsmanship and curation.

An Interior Design Agency that is more than just interior design

This is where creative vision is brought to life through bespoke interior solutions. A natural eye for the details that bring a space to life meets functional experience as the elements of the space are personally curated to carve out the perfect environment. These include soft furnishings, final placement of artwork and décor items and other unique elements to complement the space.


A room should start a conversation before people actually begin exchanging words.
– Barry Dixon


Ori De Corti

Driven by a vision what living spaces should be—ordered, inviting, artful and enduring – Ori lives by the belief that integrating architecture and interior design from the outset creates the most beautiful, balanced and cohesive environments.

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Interior Architecture

This is where the Art of Design meets the Science of Structure. An architectural foundation and inherent passion for design meet head-on in the form of bespoke fittings.

Interior Design

Interior design is the exquisite dance between creative vision and meticulous execution.  It’s where a space transcends its physical form to become a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Our approach centres on crafting bespoke interior solutions – custom-tailored elements that elevate a room from ordinary to extraordinary.